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Most likely, you have come to this webpage from Boris' home page wanting to know more
about the Boris newsletter freebie that accompanies the Boris-for-Blackjack software.
Currently eight issues have been released with additional issues expected to accompany
the upcoming 4.47 and 4.50 software releases of the Boris Blackjack software.
Each issue contains many topics. Below is a list of the topic highlights.

Boris on Blackjack Newsletter

Featured Highlights

Issue #1

Issue #2

21st Century Blackjack

Tournament Blackjack: What to Expect

Improving your Blackjack play using Boris

Why I like to play against Wash Cards

Running Blind Simulations using Boris for Blackjack

Issue #3

Issue #4

Continuous shuffle machines: King & One2Six

Wash Card Watching - what to look for

The "Perfect Player" Blackjack System

Designing custom shuffles using Boris for Blackjack

Issue #5

Issue #6

Running Boris under Windoze Vista

The world of ShuffleMaster's MD-2 shuffle machine

The world of CasinoGamingSoftware.Us

Wash Cards Revisted - there is more to learn

Live casino scout findings from 2009

Live casino scout findings from 2010

Upcoming Blackjack SnapShot! Software

Issue #7

Issue #8

ShuffleMaster MD-2 & the up-coming Release of BORIS 4.47 & 4.50

The MD-2 & what to look for in Boris 4.47

Running Boris under Windoze 7 & 8 & Virtual Machines

Beating the various Blackjack Side-Bets and the MD-2 Shuffler

The Boris on Blackjack - Newsletter Archive

Gambling Laws around the United States

Live casino scout findings from 2012

Reports from Boris' 2013 Live Casino Play

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