Boris's Photograph Album

This page will give you a photographic sneak peek into my world.
From time to time I will post other photographs of interest from various times and places during my Blackjack onslaughts. This page was last updated on 4-25-98.

  1. On the cover of Casino Player

  2. A purposefully furtive photo - Practice play at LAX - enroute to Las Vegas.

  3. One of my best card-counting disguises (or was it Halloween? - I fergit)

  4. A Recent photo - in my office.

  5. Deep in thought during one of those fleeting writing moments

  6. Busy debuggering Boris - Am I REALLY a work-aholic?

  7. Programming at the Odyssey room - overlooking the San Fernando Valley

  8. Ge'ldine! on Halloween! (without "Killa") - with sound

  9. As a prominent business man (in a past life), Circa 1868 - Stockton Ca.

  10. Bootstrap and I - during one our more awkward meowments!)

  11. Bootstrap and I do Christmas in 1996.

  12. Bootstrap - 12 years, 6 lives to go!

  13. Bootstrap - He learned Meditation from me.

  14. With my mother - Thank God she gave it another shot!

  15. One of my Early Mentors - NOW you understand my problem.

  16. Other delecious shots, as I think of including them.

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