Blackjack System
Evaluation and Reviews

When this section is complete it will contain reviews of various Blackjack Systems; some popular, some probably unknown to you. I do not restrict these reviews to any PARTICULAR kind of Blackjack system. Indeed, you will notice that the reviews encompass Card-counting systems, Clump-tracking systems, Table-Selection Systems and Betting Systems.

A number of othe Blackjack Systems are being considered for inclusion in this section. If there are specific Systems you would like to have reviewed, please e-mail me with your suggestions and why you think the system should be reviewed. If I do not presently own a copy of said system, I will make arrangements to get one. If this section proves popular, I will put together a webpage to evaluate OTHER gambling systems for Baccarat, Craps, Slots and Roulette.

System Review: Blackjack-101

by Keith Smith

Updated 4-5-98

"Although hardly an original work, in my mind, Blackjack-101 is hardly (as it's promotional material promises) "the Professional's Choice", although it does have some redeeming qualities...."

Blackjack Express

by Carl Van Eaton

distributed by Player's Edge

Updated 4-6-98

"This system evaluation is based on my experience with the Blackjack Express product in preparation for the release of custom Blackjack Simulation software designed specifically for this system. After I reported my findings to Carl VanEaton, the software deal quietly evaporated...."

Guerrilla Blackjack
How to beat the Casinos at Their Own Games

by Author Unknown

Updated 4-7-98

"In the afterward of this book is the following quote: "You want to make God Laugh? Show Him your plans". It should have read: If you want to make God laugh, show her Guerrilla Blackjack..."

NEW Blackjack

by E. Clifton Davis


"New Blackjack wasn't the first Clump-Card strategy and it won't be the last. Although inelegant, NBJ is considered by many to be the "meat and potatoes" approach to Clump-card Blackjack. It is often held as the bible on the subject; although several new testaments have appeared. Like most bibles, however, it makes a few leaps of faith and is often open to interpretation."

Power Blackjack

by Steven Heller, Phd.


"This review comes several months after the untimely death of Dr. Heller. In my opinion, Dr. Heller's work never received a proper independent evaluation. It is my hope that this review fulfills that aim...."

Power Blackjack Numbers

by Dr. Morton Jacobs

distributed by Leonard Bentson


"From the beginning, this system is hopelessly confused. The text on Power Blackjack Numbers (I never did figure out what the "numbers" refers to) seems to ignore the existence of Card-clumping and then spends its time focusing on attempting (incorrectly, in my mind) to utilize clumping.

Power Blackjack Numbers seems to me to be watered down aspects of Blackjack 101 and Target 21, thrown into a blender with sour milk and lemon juice added. The taste isn't exactly objectionable, however, you probably would not want to make this a part of your steady diet...."

Power Numbers Plus

by John Taormino and Tom Orr

distributed by Leonard Bentson


"It was inevitable that John Taormino ended up working in conjunction with Leonard Bentson, after his previous stints wit E.C. Davis and Jerry Patterson...."

Precision Blackjack

by Ron DiBenedetto

Updated 5-14-98

"In every area of expertise, there is one or more original works and then those which follow. A subsequent work can be either a blatant rip-off, or can be a work which stands on the shoulders of the original. In my mind Precision Blackjack fits the latter category quite nicely...."

System Review: Target 21

by Eddie Olsen and Jerry L. Patterson

distributed by Jerry Patterson Enterprises


"TARGET (Table Research Grading and Evaluation Technique) is clearly the most unique approach to Blackjack I have ever seen. Originally developed by Eddie Olsen (who has since discounted the validity of this system)..."

Winning Blackjack Without Counting Cards

by David S. Popik

Updated 7-14-98

On the cover of this book is the amazing claim: "This book studies an area of Blackjack never before examined. The final results prove how the Player can actually gain a percentage over the house with NO card-counting". One wonders what it is that has never been examined before; Basic Strategy or Progression Betting Systems?

World Class Blackjack

by E. Clifton Davis


"This sequel to NEW Blackjack is a next logical step in Card-clump Blackjack.
It remedies many of the serious defects of the original NBJ method...."

Win and Walk

A Step-by-Step Approach to Casino Gambling
Using the Minty Method

by Bill Minty and Sons

Updated 4-14-99

"The is indeed money to be made from the Minty Method -
selling the book, not playing the method in the casino."

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