About this Website

Websites are unique creations. This is as it should be. Some people are often curious about what went into making a particular web page or website.

This website was designed using generic HTML 4.0 specifications. The site is housed on a Windoze NT Server in the San Francisco bay-area, in conjunction with some content hosted at Earthlink Network, aboard a Unix-based server.

A comercial counter is used for the home page as well as the other pages. This counter system writes a "cookie" onto your system in order that I can keep track of when you last visited a given page. When I convert this to a "comercial site" I will use specialized counters I am designing using Perl 5.0. The scrolling marquis on the bottom of the home page was written using Java script.

Tools in use to develop this website include: HotMetal, HTMLPad, WordPAD, The Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Perl 5 Development Kit and Visual Studio 6.0 (Enterprise Edition). Server interaction is done using WS_FTP. For GIF development, the GIF Construction Kit was used; along with L-View PRO, PC-Paintbrush and ICON Master.

The contents and layout of this Website were designed solely by Ron a. Fitch of Casino Gaming Software Systems unless otherwise noted and is copyright 1998-2001 by Ron a. Fitch, Casino Gaming Software Systems and the Human Insights Group.

If you have questions about this site, you can e-mail me at: