Boris Software Screen Shots

Click on any of the "thumbnail" shots on the following pages to see each of the Boris screens in greater detail. As you will see, the Full-size screen graphics are, not "squashed" and distorted as they are in the thumbnail images. Graphics in the actual software are crisp and clean. To keep transfer speeds as fast as possible, the graphics quality in these website images had to be sacrificed somewhat.

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The 10 screen shots on this page demonstrate Boris in action at various stages of the playing cycle. You will see that Boris has a comprehensive (yet easy to navigate) set of menus and sub-menus , allowing you, as a manual player, to play the way you would in a real casino environment.


These 8 screen shots give you an idea of the comprehensive statistics Boris keeps during play. The Summary Statistics give you a look at the Table in comparison to each of the individual players. The Table Statistics screen gives you a detailed look at the game from the casino's perspective. The two player statistic screens give you a detailed look at each player individually. The remaining statistic screens offer a look at the game from a viewpoint that will reality-match card-counters, as well as Clump Trackers as well as other system players.


These 8 screen shots give you a look at the shuffle display facility after the cards have been washed, and then again, after they have been shuffled for the first time. The shuffle display (available in the PBJ and Professional additions) allows you to look at how the cards are laid out, by card, by deck, by suit and by clump. This allows you to more closely study the effects of shuffles and washes. Shuffle Trackers and Clump Trackers will find these screens invaluable.


These 9 screens demonstrate how the casino environment can be managed and controlled. Some of the screens are pop-up windows, while the rest are "tabs" on the Casino Management tab-dialogue.

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