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Release 4.44


Release 4.44

(This page last updated: February 13, 2007 --- 22:15)

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Click HERE to D/L the 4.43/4.44 Manual in .RTF Format. (19.6mb)


This Download page is being edited with my wireless laptop here at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin, wrapping up a lengthy casino scout of Southern Nevada to open 2007. Look for a set of Casino Database files to be added to this download section as soon as I sort out all the nuances. It will also be added to Boris 4.44a, slated for March release.

Now that Windows Vista is upon us, I am doing a series of Boris compatability tests with the Vista OS. There have been a few "gotchas" on the developer end of things and a bogus copy of the Grid32.Ocx ActiveX file supplied with Vista. Because there is no real reason for a new .Ocx, Boris will probably stick with the "old", working, "standard". When the Vista compatibility has been "certified", look for Boris Update 444b to contain the new Shuffle Machines.

I am still investigating one last problem with the Player Setup Screen (Ctrl-P); the rest seem to have been resolved. However, you should read the Software Notes & Warnings Section of the ReadME file, for information relating to setting up players the first time with the Player Setup Screen. The problem seems to no longer manifest, so it may well be fixed in Boris 4.44a.

Reno casino offerings from my 2006 trip to Reno will be added to all releases in the upcoming D/L. The Casinos.DBX & Casinos.CDB files will be made into a .ZIP'd installer file and made available on this D/L page to save you from having to install the ENTIRE Release, just to get the casino updates.


A Note from Boris' Design Team:

Current Boris Status: A new BorisStU, BorisADV, BorisPBJ, BorisPRO and BorisPLU have been uploaded to the Download Center. If you are on the mailing list, you should have received notification via e-mail of the first Boris for Blackjack Quarterly Newsletter. The NEW Boris Strategy Designer utility has passed final test and has been added to the BorisADV, BorisPBJ, BorisPRO and BorisPLU Editions.

Note: One caveat of Boris 4.44 is that the Blackjack Table is not re-enterable. To run a different .ENV or Casino, you must Quick-Exit and restart the software - a hassle yes, but at least workable Best that can be determined is that this is yet another "side-effect" of using Microsoft's wonderful Active-X Technology - which is far from perfect - to bring us the new Blackjack table look; another reason that Boris 4.50 will most-likely make its .NET debut. I expect to have a remedy for this hassle before the summer is out; probably in Update: Boris 4.44b.

If you would like to get a head-start on understanding Boris 4.44's new features,
Click here to view the latest Boris 4.44 ReadME file in .Html format.

Boris' new .Html Manual is continually being updated.
When ready, the new Manual, will be available here from the D/L page, as well as being shipped with the CD Media. You can view the manual as it is thus far, by going to Boris' Support Page, or check out the manual directly by clicking here.

Boris continues to ungergo some crucial re-design "under the hood". We chose to do this now to make for an easier transition to Boris' 4.44 Updates and Release 4.50. The Chip tray will allow chip-betting in Version 4.5.
To find out more about this, go to Boris' new Update Schedule Page.

The 4.44 download includes feature-updates of the BorisInstall.Exe - software installation assistant.
(Click for Info)

The following table will keep you up-to-date on when your particular Edition of Boris was last updated. In general, the higher Editions have features added more frequently than the lower Editions; simply because there are more screens and therefore more possibilities for your ideas to be implemented.

(Submit your ideas, to: Wishlists@BorisBJ21.Com)

Release 4.44


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January 4th, 2007

Boris 4.44 Software is D/L-available for current Boris 4.3x/4.4x users!

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Important Notice: To install Boris' Blackjack software, click on the
new BorisInstall Icon added to the .ZIP file (instead of Setup.Exe).
BorisInstall.Exe will check for older Versions of Boris.
Finding no conflicts, Setup.Exe will be started automatically.

If potential software installation conflicts are found, BorisInstall will pop up the Installation Screen. A NEW [x] Box and Menu Addition allows you to have the Installer RENAME the existing Boris Installation (preferred), rather than installing around it. The latest installer also facilitates installing Boris in a non-standard folder, if that is what you prefer to do..

Simply click on the [Begin Software Installation] Button and the necessary preparations will be made before starting Setup.Exe.


(If the Installation Button is greyed out, it means BorisInstall.Exe did not find a .CAB file and is unable to determine which Edition of Boris you are about to install. Select the BorisEdition from the drop-down list to enable the Software Installation Button. Note - a missing .CAB file is indicative of one or more installation files missing. You should probably download and unzip the software again.)


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