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Release 4.45


Release 4.45

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This is the long-awaited Boris 4.45 Release.
I have been working feverishly to have this ready before the 2007 December holidays.

While the tests seem to show the software to be working well, using Windoze Vista as a development platform may introduce something I have missed. If you have any problems with it please send an e-mail to I will be online daily during the holidays and will do what I can to remedy any oversights.

The BorisInstaller is under reevaluation and is expected to repear in Boris 4.45a in early 2008. For this installation do not use the BorisINstaller. Instead, run the Setup.Exe program.

Boris 4.45 is designed to install in a Boris-445 Folder to keep it separate from earlier releases.

One known problem with this release is that the Player Setup screen may still be a little testy, however most of the problems have been resolved (see the ReadME file for details). Manual play works GREAT.
For all users, the older shuffle machines have been upgraded, and suprise, surprise, suprise - we now have ShuffleMaster KING and One-2-SIX shuffle machines added to the mix of shuffle machine simulations. With new enhancements to the ShoeViewer, Boris PRO+ users can actually see the cards "inside" these new shufflers as play progresses with Boris.

By year-end, I will make available a special .ENV file for Boris PRO+ users who would like to test out a new A-I player known as the "Perfect Player". Prelimenary tests shows the player to be winning with a 35% edge over the house and the Dealer Break-Ratio around 35% as well. This new player will allow us to run a number of interesing blind-simulations.

Based on your feedback thus far, final changes have been made to Boris for this 4.45 release. As more reports come in I will make any necessary changes and put them up here on the Download page - PRIOR to the formal 4.45a update.

As with the Beta release, Boris 4.45 currently does not include a fully working BJDrills program. That WILL however be made ready in early January. Stay Tuned.

This release has been a long project.

I appreciate your patience and all of your input thus far.


Ron Fitch

Boris Designer


The following table will keep you up-to-date on when your particular Edition of Boris was last updated. In general, the higher Editions have features added more frequently than the lower Editions; simply because there are more screens and therefore more possibilities for your ideas to be implemented.

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December 20th, 2007

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