Purchasing Boris'
Blackjack Drills

BJDrills the Secret-ingredient to Blackjack Success

Faithfully drilling your chosen Blackjack Strategy is one of the
Key Secrets to Winning at Blackjack.

Because Blackjack Drills are such a CRUCIAL aspect of Professional Blackjack play, Casino Gaming Software "broke-out" the original single-drills screen, transforming it into today's Boris' BJDrills Facility. BJDrills requires little RAM and a tiny amount of disk space, making it ideal for Laptop use; the venue for which Boris was originally written.

BJDrills was on a hiatus as Boris for Blackjack underwent a major "facelift" and feature additions. Suddenly, in November 2005, it seemed like the time to bring BJDrills back, better than ever.

Boris software users get a version of BJDrills suited to their Boris Edition, for FREE.
For Example:

For Blackjack players who would rather purchase Boris' BJDrills separately, we are making it available online for a fraction of price$ of Boris' full-featured Blackjack software; features that you might be needful of at this point in time.

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Software Status



Available NOW

BJDrills444.Exe (standard)


Available NOW

EBJDrills444.Exe (Extended Drills)


Coming in 2006

PROBJDrills444.Exe (PRO-Drills)


Coming in 2006

The Boris' BJDrills Facilities
are yet another Feature that keeps Boris for Blackjack light-years ahead of the competition.