Boris for Blackjack
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Opening Banner  Screen

When you start Boris, the above Banner Screen is what you see first.


When the Banner Screen finishes spreading the cards, it will look something like this:

Final Banner Screen

Notice the tooltip that appears when you put the mouse over the "Begin Boris" Button. The tooltip is telling you that you can bypass the banner screen during future runs of the software by holding down the shift key when you click on the [BEGIN BORIS] Button. Doing this makes a change to Boris' User.Ini file as shown in this example:
[User Modifiable]

If you would like the banner back, simply edit the User.Ini file, changing the "No" to "Yes".

Not pointed out in the tooltip is an undocumented feature of the [BEGIN BORIS] Button: holding the <Ctrl> KEY and clicking the [BEGIN BORIS] Button allows you to terminate the software w/o the need to go to the Container Screen first.

Now, take another look at the above screenshots. You will notice a couple of Option Buttons allowing you to tell Boris the screen-size you would prefer to run at; which can also be changed from the Container Screen. In the 2nd graphic, you will notice that I selected 1024 x 768 (actually 755) - I like larger screens because they offer more psychological realism to the Boris Practice Experience. A future update will investigate the possibility of 1280x600; for you gaming geeks.


Use the Banner Screen as a mechanism wherein you settle-in for a practice play with Boris. Several software users tell me that the card-shuffling sound on the Banner Screen allows them to adjust the sound volume on their practice laptop. (Yes, many computerless people buy their 1st computer as a laptop, solely for Boris practice.)

To get started with Boris, click the [BEGIN BORIS] button and you will be taken to the "Container Screen" (essentially the lobby outside the casino), where all the action begins.


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