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(Last Updated: 06-12-2013)

What's New with For Boris Users Only???

What's new is EVERYTHING!!! - This is a new Web-section

In the process of bringing Boris 4.47 to life, the Boris on Blackjack Website is slowly being revamped, to make your use of the website and Boris' Blackjack Software more satisfying and productive. This new Web Section gives Registered Boris Users Blackjack material and information relevant only to Boris Software Users.

As a Boris Software User, you are a member of a small, elite group of Blackjack players who are dedicated to beating the game of Blackjack and using the most uptodate information & tools available today.

This web-section has been in the copncept stages for several years.

The Selection Bar (at left) gives you a number of links to things you as a Boris Software user will find interesting and useful for improving your play. Boris for Blackjack isn't JUST Simulation Software - Boris' world offers up a whole new way of looking at the game of Blackjack. This web-section is in keeping with that mission.


Boris' new "Casino Management" Freeware (Version 2.13) will give you some toys to play with. Release 2.13 contains new goodies, including the Shuffle Informant and ShuffleMaster BOX & KING shuffle machine demonstrations. While technically, this Freeware is available to anyone (Boris User or not), only Boris Software Users will get any real benefit out of the software. Also, any Boris Software Utilities offered as Freeware make only a minimal set of capabilities/features available.


Look to Boris for ALL Your Blackjack Software needs!!

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