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Version 4.43 --- CLOSEOUT

(Note: Click the following link, if you are looking for the latest  Boris for Blackjack 4.44 Release)

While Boris 4.44 has been with us since January 2006, some software users prefer the previous Boris for Blackjack Release 4.43 for its simplicity and smaller ActiveX memory requirements, even though it sports less features and more primitive screen graphics.
ALL Releases of Boris for Blackjack (Version 4) come equipped with casino shuffles, washes and shuffle machines - no casino add-ins are required.

Boris Release 4.43 is being offered at a significant discount to give you the opportunity to enjoy Boris at a price you can afford. Later, should you wish to upgrade to Boris 4.44, you can come back to this web page to order your Update, again at a discount - no need to pay FULL Price.

Please Note: While Casino Gaming Software is happy to provide you with support for any installation problems you may encounter, please understand that Release 4.43 is 18 months old, and will not receive any further software updates.
That is what Boris for Blackjack Release 4.44 is for.

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Whether you are a Boris 4.43 or 4.44 User, you will find that there are NO Blackjack Simulations that are more accurate or realistic to the actual casino environment than Boris for Blackjack.

Practicing Blackjack with any other software may well lead you to believe you are a better player than you actually are. Only with Boris can you play against EXACT casino environments, which include many of the Shuffle Machine games found around the United States.
Whereas some Blackjack software purports to use casino shuffles (they really don't - they use pieces),
ONLY Boris brings you ACCURATE Shuffles AND Washes, as well as four different shuffle machines, to choose from.