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We are operating on a NEW Server !!

You asked for a Boris WebPage..... and here it is.
Flipping Aces Flipping Faces In case you like the old HomePage format, it is still here.

BORIS 4.44 is Coming!!!!!

Boris 4.44 is in final Beta Test Phase-3 Evaluation (ALL Editions) - (User D/L Page being prepared this weekend).
Boris 4.44a (with a new .Cards Facility) will follow with the introduction of the KING Shuffler.
Registered Users can download the current 4.43 Release from the User Download Page.
Registered Users can download the 4.44 (Beta) Release late this weekend.

Shuffle Machine Simulations in 4.43 now include:
SM I, SM II, SM-BOX, and the Random-Ejection Shuffler,
keeping Boris light-years ahead of the competition.

Version 4.43 now includes Stats Screens built with Boris' IntelliStats
technology, a House Advantage Calculator and an enhanced BJDrills Facility,
along with a Playing Strategy Designer & Design-a-Shoe™ Utilities.
Additional Playing Strategies have been added to all Boris Software Editions.
Release4.44(a/b) will include Indian Casinos in Northern & Southern Calif.
 (a state-wide Casino Scouting Trip is in the planning stages)
4.44 brings us a brand new streamlined Blackjack table look/feel + flexibility.

The second incarnation of Boris' Professional "PLUS" Edition
is in final acceptance Test, to be released as a function of 4.44a Beta Testing.
Purchase Boris 4.43 now and also get 4.44 when it is ready.
All current 4.4x users always have FREE Software Upgrade Download Access.
Click here to === View the 4.43 ReadME File detailing Boris 4.43's NEW Features.
Click here to View Boris' new Help Facility (in progress). 04-16-2005

Registered Boris Software Users can go directly
to Boris' Download Center for Software & Assistance. 06-10-2005


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