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The OTHER Side of Winning Blackjack

Sidebets are coming to Boris!!!

Currently under evaluation with a few pro-level players,
a side-bet feature is finally making its way to Boris for Blackjack.

After a couple of intense years of study/research/play against the
ShuffleMaster MD-2 shuffle machine it has now been added to the Boris
for Blackjack Simulation Software. The MD-2 shuffler is indeed exploitable.

Discover the secrets for yourself with the assistance of Boris. Once again,
Boris for Blackjack leads the Blackjack software world as being the ONLY Blackjack
software to include REAL shuffles and washes along with shuffle machine simulations.

For a limited time, purchase a PBJ, PRO or PRO+ Edition of Boris and receive a
FREE copy of SnapSHOT! 3 by NeurologiK Solutions.
SnapSHOT! allows you to screen capture your play sessions.

Current software users:
Submit your "Wishlist" suggestions now for inclusion
consideration in the upcoming Boris release 4.48b update or later in Boris 4.50

Boris on Blackjack Newsletter is now Online!
Past issues of the Boris on Blackjack Newsletter are now online for registered
Boris software users. Click here to see what you're missing by not being a Boris Software user.

BORIS 4.48 is Here!

Boris release 4.47 brings us some new screen enhancements.
 Look for a new screen snapshot facility in the Boris PRO & PRO+ Editions (4.48a)
The MD-2 Shuffler simulation has been added to all Boris Editions.
Included are updated casinos from recent casino reports for Canada, A.C., Vegas, Laughlin & S/E casinos.

Boris 4.48 completed its software evaluation and became available
March 9th, after a casino-update in late February.
If you woulld like your favorite casino(s) added to the upcoming 4.48a deployment,
now is the time to submit your casino reports for evaluation.
When approved, you will receive a .ENV file giving you an advance look at that casino.

Some BorisPRO and BorisPLU users have been on the Beta Bandwagon using a 4.48 pre-Release.
Purchase Boris now and join the Beta Bandwagon for the upcoming 4.48a upgrade.

Boris 4.48 now includes the KING, One2Six, MD-1, & MD-2 shuffle machine simulations.
Boris 4.48 now runs under Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as Vista, XP & 98.
The next Boris Newsletter will introduce 4.48a & some secrets to beating
side-bets as well as the MD-2 shuffle machine.

Currently registered Boris Users can download the 4.43, 4.44, 4.45, 4.46, 4.47 & 4.48
Releases from the User Download Page.


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Purchase Boris NOW with PAYPal!!!

Shuffle Machine Simulations in 4.47 now include:
SM I, SM II, SM-BOX, MD-2, KING and One2Six Shufflers, along with
the Random-Ejection Shuffler - keeping Boris light-years ahead of the competition.

Learn more about the new Shuffle Machines at: The World of Shuffle Machines.

Version 4.47 offers more Stats Screens, with Boris' IntelliStats™ technology
  built right in, as well as Boris' House Advantage Calculator a BJDrills Facility,
along with an enhanced Playing Strategy Designer & Design-a-Shoe™ Utilities.
Additional Playing Strategies have been added to all Boris Software Editions.
Release 4.50 will include Indian Casinos in Northern & Southern Calif.
 (a state-wide Casino Scouting Trip is in the planning stages)
4.47 brings us a resizeable Blackjack table with a streamlined look/feel.

The second incarnation of Boris' Professional "PLUS" Edition (w/ an even more improved Blackjack Table)
is in final design, to be unveiled as a function of Release 4.50 Beta Testing.

All current 4.4x users always have FREE Software Upgrade Download Access.
Click here to === View the ReadME File detailing Boris 4.47's Features.
Click here to View Boris' new Help Facility (in progress).

Registered Boris Software Users can go directly to
Boris' Download Center for Software & Assistance.

For some humorous reading check out: Boris' TOP-10 Lists.

Take advantage of Boris's 4.43 Release Software Closeout!!

Would you like a copy of Boris for Blackjack at a 33% discount in purchase price?

New Boris Users can check out Boris's 4.43 Release Software Closeout.
You can purchase Boris 4.43 now at a significant discount, and later,
upgrade to Boris Release 4.47 at another special discount price.

Left Snake: Boris Right Snake: Norm Wattenberger --- "Cheap Shot Watt"

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